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Midnight Lancs Collaboration 

We have been working closely with Midnight Lancs and their team to create a true car meet experience!

After our pilot event, we had a great response and we would love to do one each month!

If you have a modified car or want to be part of the club, give them a quick message to apply!

We had a great reception from the club about using the Carspunk product range! If you are wanting to keep your car clean but like doing it yourself the Carspunk cleaning range is perfect, with high cleaning power to really make your pride and joy shine!

Don’t have to time to keep your car clean? Leyland Car Care can help! Head over to the valeting page on www.leylandccc.com and browse the vast range of valets that we offer to fit exactly what you need at the price you want!

Simply book and watch as your car transforms into its showroom style again!