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Window Tinting & Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping

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Window Tinting

Our window tinting services are a worthwhile investment and, offers our customers many benefits, including:


UV Protection

Our high quality tinted films will filter out 99% of harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays emitted by the sun. This will significantly reduce the fading of vehicle seats, carpets and interiors making this a primary reason for keeping the vehicle at its best quality.


Heat Reduction

Because the tinted films block and reflect UV rays, it will reduce the internal temperature of your car, helping you keep cool on warm days. With a heat reduction of up to 60%, your air conditioning won’t have to work so hard, reducing your fuel consumption and saving you money.


Reduced Glare

Minimising the intense glare from; natural sunlight, vehicle headlights and other reflective surfaces.


Safety & Security

In the event of an accident, our tinted film will hold together any shattered glass, allowing you to safely and easily push the glass outward once broken. In contrast, if someone attempts to break into your vehicle, the tinted film offers an additional layer of protection, as it is very difficult to push inward – even when the glass is broken.


Increased Privacy

Providing you and your passengers more privacy and ensure that the contents of your car is not as visible to potential thieves.

We only ever tint car windows using premium grade, multi-layered tinted films, which are functional as well as being stylish.

Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping is a more cost-effective way of changing the colour  of your vehicle, without having to spend excessive amounts of money on a full re-spray or paint job. It’s not just the exceptional value of our vinyl vehicle wrapping that Leyland valeting centre are known for it’s the quality.

Our services only involve premium quality vinyl such as 3M or Hexis, which, when coupled with our expertise,  ensures only the best quality finish every time. This attention to detail and refusal to compromise on quality ensures longevity, so you can be confident that your vinyl wrap will stand the test of time.

Vinyl car and vehicle wraps are incredibly versatile and allow us to create combinations of colours, styles and finishes that simply cannot be achieved with paint, such as matte or chrome. Some of our vinyl wrapping options include:


3D Carbon Fibre & 4D Carbon Fibre

These options will give your vehicle a true look of carbon fibre.


Matte Colours

Make your car stand out with a unique matte finish.


Gloss Colours

Choose from 100’s of different gloss or metallic colours.


Chrome Colours

Chrome is available in more finishes than you might expect – Blue Chrome, Gold Chrome, Black Chrome and more.


Paint Protection (Clear Vinyl)

Protect your original paintwork from scratches and stone chips with our clear vinyl wraps.

As well as offering you unlimited options for customisation and personalisation, vinyl wraps are a fantastic way of protecting the vehicle paint and bodywork. Scratches and stone chips are absorbed by the vinyl wrap, preventing marks and damage to your delicate paintwork.

And if it’s solely protection that you are looking for, then why not ask Leyland Valeting Centre about our paint protection options. We can apply a clear vinyl wrap to your vehicle to give your paintwork extra protection against scuffs, scratches and chips.