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About Our Under Seal Service

We offer a professional underseal service to keep your car protected against damage and rust. Read on to find out more about underseal treatments and discover the benefits of undersealing your vehicle.

What are the benefits of a professional underseal service?

Hiring a professional to underseal your car comes with a host of benefits.

Get the job done properly

Leaving it to the pros gives you the confidence of knowing your car is fully protected from rust and damage.

Keeps you safe

DIY underseal jobs can be tricky and even harmful if you don’t follow instructions to the letter – so enjoy peace of mind and protect yourself by calling in the experts.

Makes your vehicle last longer

A full underseal service expands the lifespan of your car significantly, so your investment pays off in the long term.

Saves money on repairs

Superior protection means less need for repairs, keeping money in your pocket further down the line.

Safeguards your car against the elements

Adverse weather is no match for a top-quality underseal job.

Avoid rust

Keep rust at bay through preventative underseal treatments.

What Is Underseal?

Underseal is a strong, thick paint that provides protection to lesser-seen parts of your car, like the bottom of your car or the inside of your wheel arches. With underseal added to these parts, your car has a higher level of resistance to debris, weather damage and rust.

Opting for a professional undersealing service means you can restore those hard-to-reach parts of your car to their original glory and make sure they stay in premium condition for longer.

Does Underseal Prevent Rust?

While rust doesn’t occur quite so frequently or immediately in modern cars, it is still an issue.

Over time, the original underseal applied at the factory wears down and chips, or it can undergo damage at the hands of slapdash mechanics. Once these cracks appear, moisture can infiltrate them and cause the appearance of every motorist’s arch nemesis: rust.

Many imported cars aren’t weather-tested for potential rusting against our Great British elements, as they’re made in warmer climates. So, abrasive salt spread on British roads during winter can accelerate the rusting process on imported vehicles.

Similarly, if you live by or regularly drive close to the coast, sea spray can subject your car to corrosive salts that have the same disastrous effect on your paintwork.

To prevent rust developing on your vehicle, experts recommend investing in an underseal treatment. This gives your car tougher resistance against the elements and human damage, extending the look and performance of your car for longer.

Can I Underseal My Car Myself?

While you can use certain treatments to underseal your car yourself using an aerosol or paintbrush, it’s always advisable to opt for a professional underseal service to ensure the best protection and most attractive-looking finish.

Applying underseal can be messy and many drivers find it virtually impossible to reach the right areas of the vehicle whilst avoiding areas you don’t want to treat.

Plus, as many underseal treatments feature harmful chemicals, it can be risky if you don’t protect your eyes and skin properly.

How Often Do I Need To Underseal My Vehicle?

A high-quality underseal service done by the pros should last you a good few years, but it’s always smart to perform regular checks to make sure every bit of your vehicle stays protected.

Where can I get a professional underseal treatment for my car?

Your motoring specialists at Leyland Car Care Company offer a full underseal service to retain your car’s value, longevity, performance and looks.

Our Underseal Service starts from £195.00

To book your car in for an underseal treatment at our Leyland HQ, simply give us a call on 01772 455474.