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Our Work With The British Commercial Vehicle Museum

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The British Commercial Vehicle Museum, established in 1983, is located on King Street, Leyland, and displays buses, early fire engines and other historical and commercial vehicles produced by the British manufacturing industry.

The site on which the British Commercial Vehicle Museum sits, was previously occupied by the Leyland Motors factory, the heart and source of many exhibits.

The staff at Leyland Car Care work closely with the British Commercial Vehicle Museum’s board of trustees, management and volunteers, offering a specialist service, using their expertise and knowledge in keeping the vehicles clean, polished and dust free, without damaging or ageing the paintwork and interiors; a service that we are elated to offer in aid of the British Commercial Vehicle Museum, assisting them in keeping the British Commercial Vehicle Museum presented in a truly positive way.

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum holds many thousands of photographs, technical documents and historic archives on site. Technical documents are available to vehicle restorers, repairers and authors seeking information. Their impressive collection of period photographs has been reclaimed from glass plate images, and carefully digitally restored by their archivists, some of which are available for sale on their website.

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum is popular with teachers because of its educational qualities. The British Commercial Vehicle Museum has its own classroom for teaching, and the teaching is supported by what can be visualised and hears within the British Commercial Vehicle Museum itself, making it popular for school trips, the British Commercial Vehicle Museum also supply worksheets for the children to complete when they visit!  Special discounts are offered for groups of 30 or more people, and the British Commercial Vehicle Museum always considers opening its doors on days when it’s not open to the public, just for group visits, meaning you could have the whole British Commercial Vehicle Museum to yourself with no distractions or interruptions! The British Commercial Vehicle Museum caters for everyone, no matter what age.

There are always enthusiastic volunteer guides on hand to offer information, answering questions about everything, from when the first motorway was constructed to anything you want to know about where modern accomplishments were originated. With an impressive display of engines dating back to the 1980s, to current turbo charged and intercooled diesel engines, the British Commercial Vehicle Museum has everything motors!

Museum Valeting Leyland
Museum Valeting Leyland
The vehicle displays, together with fantastic light and sound displays, take us back to memories of time passed. It shows and teaches us about how much times have changed in the motor industry, and helps us appreciate the quality of life now in comparison to the late 1900s.

From mid-spring to mid-autumn, the British Commercial Vehicle British Commercial Vehicle Museum opens its doors for events and shows, from ghost hunting to classic car shows, with many events scheduled in 2017, everybody’s welcome.

Leyland car care are blessed to have been given the chance to support the British Commercial Vehicle Museum and will continue to work closely with the museum in the future.

For more information on the Museum, visit www.britishcommercialvehiclemuseum.com

Did You Know?

  • the first steam wagon to be built and operated in Leyland dates back to 1884
  • The Steam Lawnmower was one of the first products to be built buy Lancashire Steam Motor Company.
  • Leyland motors was once the 5th largest producer of trucks and buses in the world
  • Leyland Motors bought Coughlands of Preston in 1907
  • Over 100 Leyland Vehicles were purchased before 1914
  • The first successful petrol-engined vehicle to be built in Leyland was the x-type in 1907