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Paintless Dent Removal

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Our most common dent removal requests are the notorious car park dings, where someone with no awareness of their boundaries flung their door open, or a trolley has taken itself hurtling on a trip across the car park, ever so kindly sailing into your pride and joy, but not to worry, our Dent Removal Specialist can fix that for you!

Using a range of specialist dent removal tools, the dent itself is slowly manipulated in specific locations by gently pushing and pulling on various points around the dent, and a specialist reflection board is used in fine tuning the repair, making it completely invisible.

Before & After

Not only does Paintless Dent Removal (or PDR for short) require no preparing, filling or spraying, it is the most time and cost effective technique on the market, in comparison to a Body Shop repair. And unlike a Body Shop repair, the process can take as little as a few minutes and you can drive away the same day, but if for any reason it will take longer, you can always sit and have a coffee while our Dent Repair specialist work their magic, skilfully and paintlessly removing your dents for you.

To obtain a quote, simply pop in at your convenience, or give us a call, one of our highly trained valet technicians will gladly assist you.

Benefits of Our Dental Removal Service

Maintaining residual values. According to statistics, the value of a used car can reduce by up to 15% by the presence of cosmetic dents.


Low Cost

Repairs are significantly cheaper than traditional bodyshop methods. For Fleet users we can significantly reduce your end of lease charges.



By maintaining the appearance of your vehicle you keep that new car feeling.



Most dent repairs can be completed within an hour.


Manufacturer’s Warranty

As the paintwork remains original there is no conflict with manufacturer’s warranty.


Environmentally Sound

This is the ultimate in recycling as all there are no new materials required. As there are no chemicals involved in our process so there are also no harmful emissions.

Dent Removal Service Lancashire
Dent Removal Service Lancashire