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Welcome to CarSpünk

BMW car being Valeted in Lancashire

Carspünk is the rebellious and subversive automotive movement challenging perceptions and possibilities.

Carspünk is a range of car detailing products, merchandise and scents with a bold and provocative personality. And yet it’s also so much more. Carspünk is a mindset. A conviction to bring courage and determination into every area of life. A commitment to strength, power and individuality for all.

Translated from the German, spünk is “a quality of mind showing enthusiasm, boldness, energy, courage, determination and motivation.”

We founded Carspünk to drive this concept into the heart of the automotive world and create a community of people like you who embody it.

After intensive lab research and vigorous testing at our professional valeting centre, we launched our own range of car detailing products. They’re the best in the market because we made sure of it, and you’ve confirmed that by coming back to us every time and spreading the word to your fellow spunks.

Next came a collection of mischievous merchandise unlike any other. You choose to wear hoodies, caps and tees from the Carspünk collection because you’re individual, authentic and free. You represent that spunk we infuse into everything we do, and we do it for you. Yet this is only the beginning.

Do you have the courage and determination to be yourself in a world of fake news, insincere influencers and mob mentality? If the answer’s yes, you’re one of us.

Join the Carspünk rebellion

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